Employment Support Workers’ Experiences of Motivational Interviewing: Results From an Exploratory Study

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Objective:Motivational interviewing is suggested as a means to increase the success rate for people receiving employment support. This study explored employment workers’ experiences of using motivational interviewing following training in the techniques.Method:Semistructured interviews were conducted with employment support workers after motivational interviewing training and again 9 months later. Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed for analysis.Results:At first interview the majority thought motivational interviewing had potential but some described difficulty using the skills. At second interview most reported using the skills and motivational interviewing was perceived to have a positive impact.Conclusions and Implications for Practice:Employment support workers find motivational interviewing helpful to use in employment support services. Opportunities for ongoing assessment of skills appeared important for facilitating skill development. Peer supervision might mitigate the resource demands in terms of supervisors’ time, while inclusion of relevant requirements in formal role documentation would provide a supportive framework.

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