Indicators of Success: Academic Research Partnerships to Implement Performance Indicator Systems in Clubhouses

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Topic:This article describes a collaboration between academic researchers and Clubhouses to develop and implement a statewide Clubhouse performance indicator system.Purpose:Given the challenging funding climate, it is important that Clubhouses are able to gather service provision and performance data. However, establishing the necessary data structures can be a daunting task, and partnerships with academic researchers can aid in this process. We detail one such collaboration, utilizing a participatory research public-academic liaison framework, between researchers and Hawai‘i’s Clubhouses.Sources Used:Sources used include published literature, personal communication, and personal observation.Conclusions and Implications for Practice:Lessons learned during the collaboration include the importance of face-to-face contact, technology training, duplicated and unduplicated variables, and tailoring data structures to the culture and work-ordered day of each Clubhouse. Experiences in this collaboration confirm that with support Clubhouse members are capable of fulfilling the rigorous responsibilities of contributing to a performance indicator system.

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