Predictors of Loneliness of Clubhouse Members

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Objective:Loneliness can impede subjective experiences of recovery. This study examines the relationship between clubhouse participation and loneliness using standardized instruments while controlling for age, gender, living status, and social network characteristics.Method:A random sample of 126 members from one clubhouse was recruited for this cross-sectional investigation. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was performed to examine the association between participation and loneliness.Results:A greater number of clubhouse visits, greater perceived availability of social support and higher levels of overall satisfaction with social network relationships were significantly related to a lower level of loneliness after controlling for covariates.Conclusions and Implications for Practice:Service providers may want to pay more attention to those members experiencing loneliness and help them connect with others. Future studies using longitudinal analyses are needed to further assess the causal relationship between clubhouse participation and loneliness. Multiple aspects of participation should be examined.

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