Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner Perceptions of Frequency and Importance of Performance Domain Scales

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Objective:The primary purpose of this article is to test if reliable performance domain scales can be developed for psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners (PRPs).Methods:An online survey was filled out by 1,639 PRPs who provided demographic and frequency-based and importance-based performance domain data. There were 70 items each for the frequency and importance performance domains. Complete data for testing the research questions was available for 965 PRPs using frequency and 985 PRPs using importance ratings. Descriptive and correlation analyses tested the research question.Results:The descriptive and correlation results supported the research question. Nine reliable performance domain scales were created for both frequency and importance ratings: interpersonal competencies, professional role, community integration, assessment/planning, facilitating recovery, systems competencies, diversity, supporting health and wellness, and transition-age youth services.Conclusion and Implications for Practice:The nine performance domain scales should be useful for future PRP job analyses. In addition, individual performance domain scales can be applied to other PRP research issues. Study limitations are acknowledged. Future research validating this 70-item measure is encouraged using other sources (e.g., supervisor) as well as other data collection methods (e.g., interview), from various psychiatric rehabilitative agency settings.

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