Qualitative and Quantitative Research
July 2008
Law & Psychiatry
Public-Academic Partnerships
Focus on Mental Health Care Reforms in Europe
Dialogues on Mixed-Methods and Mental Health Services Research
The Role of Staff Turnover in the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Mental Health Care
An Ethnographic Study of Implementation of Evidence-Based Treatments in Child Mental Health
Using Implementation Intentions to Teach Practitioners
Factors Associated With Prospective Long-Term Treatment Adherence Among Individuals With Bipolar Disorder
Improving Medical and Psychiatric Outcomes Among Individuals With Bipolar Disorder
A Clinical Trial Comparing Interviewer and Computer-Assisted Assessment Among Clients With Severe Mental Illness
Effectiveness of Telephone-Based Referral Care Management, a Brief Intervention to Improve Psychiatric Treatment Engagement
Indicators of Conformance With Guidelines of Schizophrenia Treatment in Mental Health Services
Self-Directed Care for Adults With Serious Mental Illness
Views of Persons With Schizophrenia on Their Own Disorder
Examining Relationships Between Receiving Mental Health Services in the Pennsylvania Prison System and Time Served
Sexuality Among Chinese Mental Health Consumers in Halfway Houses of Hong Kong
Medical Emergency Department Utilization Patterns Among Uninsured Patients With Psychiatric Disorders
Reducing Barriers to Care by Looking Closely at Stigma
Reducing Barriers to Care by Looking Closely at Stigma
Heterogeneity in the Assessment of the At-Risk Mental State for Psychosis
Correctional Psychiatry
The Art and Science of Child Custody Evaluations
Methods for Disaster Mental Health Research
Physical Abusers and Sexual Offenders
Inside Anorexia
The Symptom Is Not the Whole Story
Growing Up With Autism
Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice
Finding Iris Chang
Public Lacks Knowledge About Schizophrenia, NAMI Survey Shows
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