Japanese Abstract
Biological hypotheses and biomarkers of bipolar disorder
Eye movement as a biomarker of schizophrenia : Using an integrated eye movement score
Search for plasma biomarkers in drug‐free patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia using metabolome analysis
Altered serum level of matrix metalloproteinase‐9 and its association with decision‐making in eating disorders
Major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder show different autonomic dysregulations revealed by heart‐rate variability analysis in first‐onset drug‐naïve patients without comorbidity
Taijin kyofusho : A culture‐bound diagnosis discussed by Japanese and international early career psychiatrists
Effectiveness of ramelteon for residual sleep disturbances (hypersomnia) in a patient with premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Psychosis with suicide attempt in Sneddon syndrome
Mitsuda psychosis and holodysphrenia revisited : An atypical psychosis in a patient with parieto‐occipital paroxysmal electroencephalographic activity and high unconjugated bilirubin
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