The construct validity of egocentrism
Large contingency tables with large cell frequencies
Superior-subordinate communication
Clinical applications of hypnosis to three psychosomatic disorders
Stimulus overselectivity in autism
Two-sample T−2 procedure and the assumption of homogeneous covariance matrices
Cerebral electrotherapy
Temporal versus spatial information processing theories of hippocampal function
Tuning out irrelevancy? Comments on Solomon's temporal mapping view of the hippocampus
Type I error rate of the chi-square test in independence in R × C tables that have small expected frequencies
Home-based reinforcement programs designed to modify classroom behavior
Sex roles and psychotherapy
Application of biofeedback for the regulation of pain
Asymmetries in processing auditory nonverbal stimuli?
Practical considerations in choosing a MANOVA test statistic
Index of literature reviews and summaries in the Psychological Bulletin, 1967–1978
Index of reviews and notes on statistical methods and research design in the Psychological Bulletin, 1967–1978