The spiritual variable in psychiatric research1
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of a 'lock and key' hypothesis of depression
Life events and post-traumatic stress : the development of a new measure for children and adolescents
Which patients talk about stressful life events and social problems to the general practitioner?
Absence of social networks, social support and health services utilization
Symptoms of depression among community-dwelling elderly African-American and White older adults
Symptoms of depression and anxiety during adult life : evidence for a decline in prevalence with age
Outcome of the depressed elderly living in the community in Liverpool : a 5-year follow-up
Prevalence of depression in an elderly community sample : a comparison of GMS-AGECAT and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria
A randomized controlled trial of guided imagery in bulimia nervosa
Randomized trial of physical exercise alone or combined with bright light on mood and health-related quality of life
A four year prospective study of age-related cognitive change in adults with Down's syndrome
Homeless youth in London : I. Childhood antecedents and psychiatric disorder
Assortative mating for major psychiatric diagnoses in two population-based samples
A population-based twin study of self-esteem and gender
Prevalence and severity of substance use disorders and onset of psychosis in first-admission psychotic patients
Multivariate analysis of outcome of mental health care using graphical chain models : The South-Verona Outcome Project 1
Aspects of dysphoria and symptoms of schizophrenia
Recollections of parental behaviour, adult attachment and mental health : mediating and moderating effects
Is introversion a risk factor for suicidal behaviour in depression?
General practitioners' attitudes to psychiatric and medical illness
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