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‘It's not over when it's over’
Recurrence in major depressive disorder
TMS – the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?
A randomized controlled trial with 4-month follow-up of adjunctive repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the left prefrontal cortex for depression
Depression and common mental disorders in lone parents
Functioning status of adult children of depressed parents
Longitudinal associations between depressive and anxiety disorders
Co-morbid major depression and generalized anxiety disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey follow-up
Depression and anxiety as predictors of heart rate variability after myocardial infarction
COPD education and cognitive behavioral therapy group treatment for clinically significant symptoms of depression and anxiety in COPD patients
Risk factors for suicide in China's youth
Impulsive-aggressive behaviours and completed suicide across the life cycle
Pathways to suicidality across ethnic groups in Canadian adults
Cigarette smoking and suicidal behaviour
Differential criterion functioning of alcohol use symptomatology in major depressive disorder?
Alcohol consumption as a risk factor for non-recovery from common mental disorder
Rationality and Compulsion
Fearing Others
Should we advise patients with serious mental illness to stop using cannabis?
Drawing conclusions about cannabis and psychosis
The coherence of the evidence linking cannabis with psychosis
The coherence of the evidence linking cannabis with psychosis