PSM volume 46 issue 16 Cover and Front matter
Interventions for enhancing return to work in individuals with a common mental illness : systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Cognitive remediation for individuals with psychosis : efficacy and mechanisms of treatment effects
Cost-effectiveness of focal psychodynamic therapy and enhanced cognitive–behavioural therapy in out-patients with anorexia nervosa
Prevalence of serum anti-neuronal autoantibodies in patients admitted to acute psychiatric care
Recent trends in primary-care antidepressant prescribing to children and young people : an e-cohort study
Prospective associations between televiewing at toddlerhood and later self-reported social impairment at middle school in a Canadian longitudinal cohort born in 1997/1998
Childhood trauma, psychosis liability and social stress reactivity : a virtual reality study
Reactivity to uncertain threat as a familial vulnerability factor for alcohol use disorder
Network analysis of depression and anxiety symptom relationships in a psychiatric sample
Casting wider nets for anxiety and depression : disability-driven cross-diagnostic subtypes in a large cohort
Salience attribution and its relationship to cannabis-induced psychotic symptoms
Mental illness and suicide after self-harm among young adults : long-term follow-up of self-harm patients, admitted to hospital care, in a national cohort
Suicide risk linked with clinical consultation frequency, psychiatric diagnoses and psychotropic medication prescribing in a national study of primary-care patients
Psychosocial therapy and causes of death after deliberate self-harm : a register-based, nationwide multicentre study using propensity score matching
Predictors of psychological improvement on non-professional suicide message boards : content analysis
The effect of sodium nitroprusside on psychotic symptoms and spatial working memory in patients with schizophrenia : a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
The effects of cognitive and behavioural therapies for anxiety disorders on depression : a meta-analysis
PSM volume 46 issue 16 Cover and Back matter