The association between cognitive function and subsequent depression : a systematic review and meta-analysis
PSM volume 47 issue 1 Cover and Front matter
The DSM revision process : needing to keep an eye on the empirical ball
Childhood interleukin-6, C-reactive protein and atopic disorders as risk factors for hypomanic symptoms in young adulthood : a longitudinal birth cohort study
Emotional intelligence and non-social cognition in schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder
Cognitive–behaviour therapy for post-traumatic stress in schizophrenia. A randomized controlled trial
Cost-effectiveness of cognitive remediation and supported employment for people with mental illness : a randomized controlled trial
Effects of a transdiagnostic unguided Internet intervention (‘velibra’) for anxiety disorders in primary care : results of a randomized controlled trial
Comparative risk of self-harm hospitalization amongst depressive disorder patients using different antidepressants : a population-based cohort study in Taiwan
A study of wrist-worn activity measurement as a potential real-world biomarker for late-life depression
Religiosity, race/ethnicity, and alcohol use behaviors in the United States
The longitudinal relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and perceived social support in survivors of traumatic injury
Childhood bullying victimization is associated with use of mental health services over five decades : a longitudinal nationally representative cohort study
Interrelationship between family history of alcoholism and generational status in the prediction of alcohol dependence in US Hispanics
Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, severe psychological distress, explosive anger and grief amongst partners of survivors of high levels of trauma in post-conflict Timor-Leste
The impact of postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms on child development : a population-based, 2-year follow-up study
Effects of early life stress on depression, cognitive performance and brain morphology
Letter to the Editor : Moving science forward by increasing awareness of reporting and citation biases
Letter to the Editor : Bias in the measurement of bias. Letter regarding ‘Citation bias and selective focus on positive findings in the literature on the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR), life stress and depression’
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