PSM volume 47 issue 9 Cover and Front matter
The effects of vitamin and mineral supplementation on symptoms of schizophrenia
A trans-diagnostic perspective on obsessive-compulsive disorder
Within-subject neural reactivity to reward and threat is inverted in young adolescents
Neural indicators of interpersonal anger as cause and consequence of combat training stress symptoms
Randomized control trial to assess the efficacy of metacognitive training compared with a psycho-educational group in people with a recent-onset psychosis
Predictors of premenstrual impairment among women undergoing prospective assessment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Impact of childhood and adulthood psychological health on labour force participation and exit in later life
Anatomical integration and rich-club connectivity in euthymic bipolar disorder
Impaired awareness of motor intention in functional neurological disorder
Selective functional disconnection of the orbitofrontal subregions in schizophrenia
Impact of deep brain stimulation of the ventral anterior limb of the internal capsule on cognition in depression
Curiosity killed the cat
Association between alcohol, cannabis, and other illicit substance abuse and risk of developing schizophrenia
Sleep and circadian rhythm disturbance in bipolar disorder
PSM volume 47 issue 9 Cover and Back matter