Vision without inversion of the retinal image
The psychology of sufficient reason
Some facts of binocular vision
Blots of ink in experimental psychology
The imagery of one early made blind
Determinate evolution
Professor Ladd and the president's address
Visceral disease and pain
Analytic Psychology
Contributions to the Analysis of the Sensations
[Review of Consciousness and Biological Evolution (I, II); The Religious Instinct; and The Function of Religious Expression],
[Christianity and Idealism and The Life of James McCosh],
Contemporary Theology and Theism
Ueber eine neue Methode zur Prüfung geistiger Fähigkeiten und ihre Anwendung bei Schulkindern
The Pedagogical Seminary
[Review of Ueber intermittirende Netzhautreizung; On Intermittent Stimulation of the Retina; and An Account of Certain Phenomena of Colour Vision with Intermittent Light],
Neue Versuche über intermittende Gesichtsreize
The Psychology of Effort
Über willkürliche Vorstellungsverbindung
The Sense of Beauty, being the Outlines of Æsthetic Theory
Æsthetische Untersuchungen in Anschluss an die Lippssche Theorie des Komischen. I. and II
La Timidité, Étude Psychologique
The Popular Aesthetics of Color
Das konträre Geschlechtsgefühl
Ueber Spaltung der Personlichkeit