Disability, Psychopathology, and Vocational Adjustment

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Using configural decision rules concerning Mini-Mult scores, 286 rehabilitation center clients were sorted by sex into three groups: adjusted, possibly maladjusted, and probably maladjusted. Type and severity of physical disability was not related to adjustment group membership. Psychological disability was related to psychopathology, although the strength of the relationship was less than expected. There were no significant relationships between male psychological status and center outcome, rehabilitation agency outcome, or vocational adjustment at follow-up. Female psychological status was not related to agency outcome or vocational adjustment at follow-up, but was related to center outcome. Female psychological group membership was a more accurate predictor of center outcome than was either the naturally occurring base rate or the work evaluators' client ratings. Finally, there was no relationship between adjustment group membership and vocational adjustment at follow-up. This finding supports previous research suggesting that psychological and vocational adjustment are coeffects and are not causally linked.

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