The Utility of the Verbal-Performance Discrepancy as a Prognostic Indicator of Rehabilitation in Mental Retardation: Fact or Artifact?

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In some reports, a Wechsler intelligence test configuration in which the Verbal-Performance IQ discrepancy is in favor of the Performance IQ (P > V) has been shown to be positively related to discharge from institutions for the mentally retarded. Other studies have found a positive correlation between the P > V configuration and the full-scale IQ. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether the association between the Verbal-Performance discrepancy and discharge would still exist if the effect of full-scale IQ was controlled. The subjects were 53 institutionalized and 46 discharged mentally retarded individuals from the same facility. Although there was a small statistically significant zero-order correlation between a P > V pattern and discharge, it shrank to nonsignificance after a partial correlation procedure controlling for IQ was applied.

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