Program Evaluation in Canadian Rehabilitation Facilities for Physically Disabled Persons: A National Survey

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A survey of program evaluation practices and activities was conducted in mid-1982 among Canada's estimated 67 rehabilitation facilities (RFs)that serve physically disabled children and adults. Among the 64 RFs (96%) returning the 14-item mailed questionnaire, nearly half (31) were from Ontario,with 7 to 10 located in each of Canada's four other regions. Of the 64 RFs, 27 served children only, 24 adults only, and 13 served both; 41 were free-standing RFs, while the others were subunits of larger organizations. Of a total of 14 program evaluation elements or activities assessed, the “average” RF had implemented fewer than half (M = 6.00) as of mid-1982, though 62% of the RFs said they planned to implement one or more additional evaluation elements by the end of 1983. Mean differences in current and planned evaluation activity levels between RFs located in different regions, serving different age groups, or of differing facility types were quite modest. Other findings, implications, and plans for future surveys are discussed.

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