Medical, Neuropsychological, and Quality-of-Life Correlates of Cerebrovascular Disease

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This preliminary report addresses three issues with respect to cerebral revascularization candidates: the effects of stroke-related medical risk factors, the relationship of neuropsychological impairment to self-assessed quality of life, and the sensitivity of neurobehavioral data to duration of symptoms of cerebral ischemia. Forty-six surgical candidates, most with mild impairment, were studied. The results suggested at least a modest amount of relevance of neurobehavioral impairment to everyday functioning in this population. Additionally, our global rating of impairment appeared to be related to an index of medical risk factors, to duration of ischemic episodes, and to age and education. However, regression analyses suggested that symptom duration and stroke-related medical factors were more strongly related to our quality-of-life measure than was the neurobehavioral summary score.

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