Validity of a WAIS-R Screening Instrument (Satz-Mogel) for Medical Inpatients

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In providing intellectual assessments, rehabilitation psychologists frequently use the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Revised (WAIS-R). While it is a highly valid and reliable instrument, the WAIS-R can take a considerable amount of time to administer. To reduce administration time, abbreviated forms of the WAIS-R have sometimes been used. This study investigated the validity of a selected-items WAIS-R short form, the Satz-Mogel, in a medical inpatient sample. The Satz-Mogel Full-Scale, Verbal, and Performance IQs correlated highly with the WAIS-R IQs. The Satz-Mogel Full-Scale IQ accurately classified 93% of the cases into the appropriate Wechsler intelligence classification. The subtest scores of the Satz-Mogel, however, appeared too variable to use in profile analysis. While not an acceptable WAIS-R substitute, the Satz-Mogel is considered potentially useful as a screening instrument in medical settings.

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