Comparison of Standard and Abbreviated MMPIs in Patients with Head Injury

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This study examined the potential utility of several short-form versions of the standard Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) for patients with head injury. These included the Mini-Mult, Midi-Mult, Maxi-Mult, Faschingbauer's Abbreviated MMPI, Hugo's Abbreviated MMPI, and the MMPI-168. The sample studied consisted of 95 males and 30 females. A standard MMPI was administered at approximately 6.5 months postinjury in both groups. Statistically significant multivariate profile differences (based on T-scores) were found between the standard MMPI and each individual short-form. Scales on the short-forms showed generally good correlations between themselves and the standard MMPI scales, and T-score means were quite similar in most cases. However, further analysis of individual cases demonstrated relatively poorer correspondence between the standard MMPI and the short-form versions with regard to profile validity, high-point, and two-point code type. Based on these results, none of the MMPI short-forms examined in this study appeared to be a suitable alternative to the standard MMPI in patients with head injury.

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