WISC-R and WAIS-R Odd- and Even-Item Short Forms: Criterion Validity in Three Patient Samples

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ABSTRACT.Edinger, Shipley, and Watkins (1986) found that odd-item and even-item Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised (WAIS-R) short forms yielded accurate WAIS-R IQ estimates when used with psychiatric inpatients. However, they indicated that further research was needed to validate the effectiveness of the short forms with other populations. We examined the validity of odd-item and even-item short forms in assessing the IQs of child outpatients, adult outpatients, and adult medical inpatients. The method described by Edinger et al. as well as two other odd- and even-item methods were not found to be consistently valid for any of the samples studied. The results suggested that an odd- and even-item short-form strategy may not be effective across populations and must be approached with caution.

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