Motivation and Employee-Supervisor Discrepancies in a Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Setting

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Supervisor ratings of employees' motivation and adjustment in psychiatric rehabilitation settings are among the best predictors of future work potential (Anthony & Jansen, 1984). Additionally, some research reports low correlations between supervisor ratings and employee self-reports with regard to adjustment and motivation. Consequently, we examine (a) how current program participation and estimates of readiness for competitive employment relate to employee and supervisor ratings of motivation; and (b) the correlates of rating discrepancies between employees and supervisors. Program participation and work-readiness were associated with both employee and supervisor ratings of motivation after controlling for employee benefit plan, residential status, and social adjustment. Additionally, the degree of supervisor-employee discrepancy in these ratings was negatively correlated with program participation, work-readiness, and estimates of premorbid social competence. The role of motivational factors in vocational rehabilitation and the dynamics of supervisor and employee perceptions of work motivation and adjustment are discussed.

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