Both Sides of the Employment Interview Interaction: Perceptions of Interviewers and Applicants With Disabilities

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Examined applicants' with disabilities and interviewers' without disabilities perceptions of the interview process in a correlational field study. In all, 36 interviewers provided ratings of 70 applicants. Separately, the applicants responded to questions about the interviewer and the interview. Results supported hypotheses contending that the interview is a mutual influence process. Interviewers' preinterview impressions were positively correlated with their postinterview evaluations. However, time spent actively recruiting the applicant was negatively correlated with the applicants' ratings of interviewers. Finally, applicant disclosure of some types of disability-related information was positively related with interviewers' ratings of applicants' interview performances. These findings suggest that applicants may want to discuss job-related aspects of their disability in the interview.

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