Alcohol Abuse History and Adjustment Following Spinal Cord Injury

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ABSTRACT.Objective: Examined the relation of alcohol abuse history to emotional adjustment and pressure sore occurrence during the 1st 3 years following Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Study Design: Comparisons were made between varying levels of prior abuse and depression and disability acceptance. A model predicting pressure sore occurrence over 3 years was computed. Participants: One hundred seventy-five persons completed the self-report measures; 105 were available for pressure sore evaluations. Main Outcome Measures: The Inventory to Diagnose Depression, the Acceptance of Disability Scales, and pressure sore occurrence. Results: Alcohol abuse was not associated with depression or disability acceptance. Severe alcohol abuse history was associated with pressure sores over the 3 years. Conclusions: Persons with prior history of severe alcohol abuse may be at increased risk for pressure sore occurrence during the 1st years of SCI.

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