Accidents in Older Caregivers of Persons Surviving Stroke and Their Relation to Caregiver Stress

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Study AimPreliminary, descriptive analysis of accidents in a convenience sample of older spousal caregivers of persons surviving stroke.Sample124 spousal caregivers of persons surviving stroke, primarily White women with more than a high school education, average age of 69.88 years, and average time caregiving of 2.61 years.Results30% incidence rate of self-reported accidents over a 6-month period, ranging from minor to potentially serious. Female gender, longer time caregiving, greater burden in the form of personal strain, and depression were predictive of report of accidents in logistic regression analysis.ConclusionAccidents should be included in studies assessing caregiver health. Evidence of injury in family caregivers can signal distress and vulnerability that could inform interventions to reduce stress.

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