Piloting the Family Check-Up With Incarcerated Adolescents and Their Parents

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The purpose of the current investigation was to pilot the Family Check-Up (FCU; see T. J. Dishion & K. Kavanagh, 2003) with 10 incarcerated adolescents and their parents or guardians. The FCU is based on principles of motivational interviewing (W. R. Miller & S. Rollnick, 2002). The authors delivered FCU with a high degree of fidelity and adherence on the basis of ratings from parents, therapists, and observers. Results suggest that the FCU positively impacted families (effect sizes were generally in the medium range). After our intervention, adolescents were more confident in their ability to resist drug use, and parents were more confident in their ability to impact their adolescents' risky behaviors. Parents and adolescents both reported being highly satisfied with this intervention. These results warrant further investigation of the FCU with incarcerated adolescents and their families in a controlled clinical trial.

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