Cultural Considerations of Trauma: Physical, Mental and Social Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence Exposure

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There has been an increased appreciation for the need to understand the cultural lenses of survivors and the ways that these lenses may influence both the experience of intimate partner violence and the recovery process following violence. The need for trauma researchers and practitioners to attend to the sociocultural realities of survivors has been advocated by traumatologists of varying theoretical orientations. The Trauma and Violence among Diverse Populations Research Study Group, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Emerging Scholars Interdisciplinary Network, conceptualized the call for authors for this Special Issue. The primary objective of the Issue is to examine and explore the cultural context of intimate partner violence. Through quantitative and qualitative analyses, a greater understanding of intimate partner violence in the lives of African American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, Latina, and White survivors is gained. While centralizing the voices of ethnically diverse survivors of intimate partner violence, this Special Issue also sheds light on the experience of intimate partner violence from the perspective of women who have traditionally been marginalized in the literature in other ways, specifically women who are impoverished, pregnant, homeless, HIV-positive, and sex workers. The studies in this Special Issue provide clinical and research recommendations aimed at improving the care provided to culturally diverse intimate partner violence survivors.

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