Replicating Outcomes of Survivors Healing From Abuse: Recovery through Exposure (SHARE) A Brief Exposure-Based Group Treatment for Incarcerated Survivors of Sexual Violence

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Objective: Survivors Healing from Abuse: Recovery through Exposure (SHARE) is a group treatment for incarcerated women that targets sexual abuse sequelae. Previous research on SHARE found significant reductions in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms among completers. However, evidence for SHARE has been limited to open pilot studies conducted in one prison. Therefore, this study sought to replicate the results of previous SHARE studies in a separate facility. Method: Thirty-two women incarcerated in a minimum-security prison participated in an open trial of SHARE. Six separate groups were conducted, each consisting of eight 1.5-hr sessions. Results: Pre- to posttreatment symptom reductions in PTSD, depression, and GAD were statistically significant with large effect sizes. Moreover, 21–37% of treatment completers evidenced reliable change in their symptom reduction during the course of treatment. Most women who did not evidence reliable change were already below the clinical cutoff on the corresponding symptom measure at pre-treatment and remained below by post-treatment. Conclusions: These results are consistent with prior studies of SHARE and provide additional support for the positive outcomes of this brief, targeted trauma-focused treatment for incarcerated women.

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