German/American Report on the Effective Use of Pressure in the Treatment of Drug Addiction

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In September, 1985, representatives of the drug abuse treatment communities and governmental agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States met to examine issues related to the question of the therapeutic effectiveness of pressure in the treatment of drug addiction. As a result of this meeting, a report was produced which outlined considerations related to such use of presure. This report focuses on (a) the kinds of pressures which exist to force addicts into treatment, (b) ethical concerns about the appropriateness of such pressures, and (c) the efficacy of such pressure regarding entry into treatment and producing and maintaining change on the part of clients. The report took into consideration differences and similarities between the FRG and USA in terms of goals, methods, laws and social climate. A set of recommendations was adopted as appropriate for consideration by both FRG and USA governmental officials.

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