Contraceptive Behavior Among Intravenous Drug Users at Risk for AIDS

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In both Europe and the United States, intravenous (IV) drug use has become the primary source for perinatal transmission of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), yet there have been few studies of the contraceptive behavior of IV drug users, We examined factors associated with practicing contraception among 319 street-recruited IV drug users in New York City Slightly over half of Ss (52%) were practicing contraception, primarily with condoms and birth control pills. Among 220 male Ss contraception was associated with being non-Hispanic, being unmarried having a home and AIDS-related changes in drug injection behavior Among 99 female Ss it was associated with having multiple sexual partners. Although concern about AIDS was evident in Ss behavior, there are multiple determinants of practicing contraception and the level of contraception among this group will still permit many unwanted pregnancies with a risk of perinatal AIDS transmission.

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