Organizing Drug Injectors Against AIDS: Preliminary Data on Behavioral Outcomes

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Most acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) projects approach subjects as individuals. This article describes a project based on a different approach organizing drug injectors to change their subculture in wavs that promote lower such as using new syringes and condoms. Almost halt the Ss entered drug abuse tr risk behaviors. Initial and follow-up interviews were conducted with 368 Ss. They indicate a decline in high-risk behaviors such as renting or borrowing used syringes and an increase in risk-reducing behaviorseatment during the follow-up period, 60% taught others to use bleach to decontaminate injecting equipment. Risk reduction was greater among Ss who attended group meetings. Thus organizing drug injectors is a feasible intervention that should be adopted elsewhere and subjected to further research and development. Drug injectors can take on responsibility in combating AIDS. All evaluations of interventions should measure Ss efforts to spread the message to others.

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