Publication and Citation of Alcohol and Drug Articles in Journals of the American Psychological Association

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Publication practices of the American Psychological Association (APA) in the alcohol and drug area were examined. In 1990 as compared with in 1984, a larger proportion of APA journals (63% vs. 53%) published a larger percentage (3.8% vs. 1.7%) of alcohol and drug articles. However, only 54 of 1,408 APA articles published in 1990 addressed alcohol or drug issues. Twenty-two alcohol and drug articles published in 1984 were followed through to the end of 1988. These articles received an average of 15.27 citations (SD = 11.18). Annual citation rates peaked in the 5th year of follow up at an average of 5 citations per article in 1988. Results suggest that alcohol and drug articles published in APA journals have greater scientific impact than articles published in alcohol and drug specialty journals. The need for a comprehensive assessment of the information utilization and dissemination practices of scientists in the addictions was emphasized.

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