Profile Types on the Inventory of Drinking Situations: Implications for Relapse Prevention Counseling

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The Inventory of Drinking Situations (H. M. Annis, 1982) was used to assess the situations in which 286 clients drank heavily in the year before entering an alcohol treatment program. The modal profile analysis (H. A. Skinner & H. Lei, 1980) classified 88% of this clinical sample into one of four types solely on the basis of profile shape: high negative profile, high positive profile, low physical discomfort profile, and low-testing personal control profile. The discriminant function analysis indicated that high negative profile clients as compared with high positive profile clients were more likely to be women, to drink alone, and to have high alcohol dependence scores. High positive profile clients were more likely to be older, to report fewer years of problem drinking, and to report less alcohol consumption on a typical drinking day as compared with clients having low physical discomfort profiles.

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