Anxiety Sensitivity and Anticipation of a Self-Disclosing Interview as Determinants of Alcohol Consumption

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Individuals scoring high (HAS, n =28) and low (LAS, n = 28) on the AnxietySensitivity Index (R. A. Peterson& S. Reiss, 1992) were exposed to a stress inductionmanipulation followed by a beverage taste-rating task in a study ofcoping-related alcohol consumption. Anticipation of ananxiety-relevant (AR) interview about their anxiety experiences didnot result in greater alcohol consumption by HAS individuals ashypothesized. However, HAS individuals consumed significantly morealcohol than LAS individuals when anticipating an anxiety-irrelevant (AI) interview about their food preferences. The followingexplanations are explored: (a) Social-evaluative concerns may havesuppressed alcoholic beverage consumption by HAS–ARindividuals, and (b) enhanced interoceptive acuity and discomfortbecause of prior food deprivation may have increased alcoholicbeverage consumption among HAS–AI individuals.

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