Reliability, Validity, and Normative Data for a Short Version of the Understanding of Alcoholism Scale

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In this psychometric study, the authors evaluated a scalemeasuring treatment staff members' (n = 329) beliefs about thenature and treatment of substance abuse problems. This scale, theShort Understanding of Substance Abuse Scale (SUSS), is based on thework of Moyers (1991; T. B. Moyers and W. R. Miller (1993) and assesses staff members' endorsement of disease, psychosocial learning, and eclectic treatment orientations. Datapresented in this article support the reliability of subscales that, for ease of administration, have been shortened from T. B. Moyersand W. R. Miller's original version. Evidence suggests that the SUSShas convergent and discriminant validity and is not affected by a yea-saying response bias. SUSS norms fordifferent types of substance abuse treatment staff are presented, and suggestions for further applications and improvements of themeasure are put forward.

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