MMPI-2 Response Styles: Generalization to Alcoholism Assessment

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The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory–2 (MMPI-2) Validity scales (L, F, and K) were used to identify subgroups of inpatients seeking treatment for alcoholism and to determine the extent that assessed test-taking attitude could be generalized to other alcohol assessment instruments. Cluster analysis of the inpatients receiving treatment for alcoholism identified 3 distinct response style subgroups: defensive, straightforward, and exaggerated. These patterns were confirmed in a 2nd sample. Calibration equations were generated and used to classify a subsequent sample into subgroups, and expected differences were found across the subgroups on the Alcohol Use Inventory (J. L. Horn, K. W. Wanberg, & F. M. Foster, 1987) and the Inventory of Drinking Situations (H. M. Annis, 1982). These preliminary results suggest that MMPI-2 response style is associated with response to other alcohol abuse assessment instruments. Future research examining the relationship between test-taking attitude and treatment involvement and outcome is discussed.

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