An Assessment of Comorbid Psychological Problems in a Residential Criminal Justice Drug Treatment Program

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One hundred sixty-one probationers remanded to 4 months ofmandatory treatment at a criminal justice substance abuse treatmentfacility were assessed for evidence of psychopathology by means ofthe Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory–II and otherpsychosocial functioning scales. Overall, 80% of the samplewas classified as having psychological problems, 72% hadsignificant drug abuse problems, and 58% had concurrentpsychopathology and drug abuse problems (i.e., comorbidity). Comparisons between psychopathology-only, drug problem–only, and comorbid groups indicated that probationers with both drug useand psychological problems engaged in more preadmission illegalactivity, had more social impairments, and indicated highermotivation for treatment.

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