Psychometric Properties of the California Psychological Inventory Socialization Scale in Treatment-Seeking Alcoholics

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Sociopathy has been identified as a prominent factoraffecting the development and treatment of alcoholism. The presentreport examines the psychometric properties of a scale used toassess sociopathy, the California Psychological InventorySocialization scale (CPI-So). The participants were 1,627 alcoholicstaking part in a national trial of patient–treatment matching. The distribution of CPI-So scores was consistent with that of otherstudies of alcoholics, and the findings support the reliability andvalidity of the scale with this population. A principal-componentsanalysis was generally consistent with similar analyses ofnonalcoholic samples and identified 2 subscales that appear to tappreviously described “personality” and “behavioral” dimensionsof sociopathy. These subscales may be useful in further studies aspotential bases for making patient–treatment matchingdecisions.

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