Alcohol Expectancies Regarding Sex, Aggression, and Sexual Vulnerability: Reliability and Validity Assessment

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This study was designed to validate the Alcohol Expectancies Regarding Sex, Aggression, and Sexual Vulnerability Questionnaire. This instrument includes alcohol expectancies in 4 domains (aggression, sexual affect, sexual drive, and vulnerability to sexual coercion) for 3 targets (self, women, and men). Confirmatory factor analyses with 715 undergraduates supported the hypothesized factor structure for the entire sample, as well as for gender and ethnic subgroups. Each of the subscales had high internal consistency reliability, moderate test–retest reliability, and good discriminant validity. Multivariate analyses of variance supported the hypothesis that participants' alcohol expectancies for other people conformed to gender role stereotypes. Participants saw themselves as being less influenced by alcohol than were others. Implications for sexual assault prevention programs are discussed.

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