Parents, Peers, and Prototypes: Antecedents of Adolescent Alcohol Expectancies, Alcohol Consumption, and Alcohol-Related Life Problems in Rural Youth

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Most research on alcohol consumption has considered the impact of social influences, such as parental and peer factors, separately from more cognitive factors, such as alcohol expectancies. No research to date has prospectively considered the antecedents to alcohol expectancies and how they may relate to other alcohol-related cognitions (e.g., risk images). Using a recently developed model of health behavior in a longitudinal study with a sample of 357 adolescents and their parents, the current study investigated the combined impact of social, parental, and cognitive factors on alcohol expectancies, consumption, and alcohol-related life problems. Results suggest that parental and social factors are antecedents to expectancies and that cognitive factors mediate the impact of parental influence on consumption.

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