An Event-Based Analysis of Aggression Women Experience in Bars

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The environmental and social circumstances in bars are likely to contribute to an individual's risk for becoming a victim. The present study was designed to assess differences that exist in these circumstances between times when aggression does and does not occur in bars. Participants were a subsample of 46 women who had previously participated in a larger survey of female bar drinkers. Using daily logs and biweekly interviews over 12 weeks, the author assessed the drinking patterns and aggressive experiences of these women. At times when aggression occurred women spent less time in the bar, consumed more alcohol, and reported feeling more intoxicated. Differences were found between sexual and nonsexual incidents and among the women on the basis of the type of aggression they had experienced. Women who experienced both sexual and nonsexual aggression reported using other drugs in addition to alcohol when drinking in bars. These findings and their implications for prevention are discussed.

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