Binge Drinking Among Female Veterans Affairs Patients: Prevalence and Associated Risks

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This study evaluated the prevalence and associated risks of binge drinking, defined as having ≥4 drinks on an occasion in the past year, in a female patient population. Of 1,259 female Veterans Affairs patients surveyed, 780 reported drinking alcohol in the past year, and 305 (24% of respondents, 39% of drinkers) reported binge drinking in the past year; 84 (11% of drinkers) had done so monthly or more often. Age-adjusted logistic regression analyses indicated that women who reported past-year binge drinking monthly or more often reported significantly increased odds of morning drinking (odds ratio [OR] = 40.3), others worrying about their drinking (OR = 38.6), arguments after drinking (OR = 13.5), hepatitis or cirrhosis (OR = 3.1), frequent injuries (OR = 2.6), smoking (OR = 3.7), drug use (OR = 22.2), and multiple sexual partners (OR = 4.6).

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