Brief Treatment for Young Substance Abusers: A Pilot Study in an Addiction Treatment Setting

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The present study evaluated a motivationally based, 4-session outpatient intervention for young substance abusers presenting for addiction treatment. Follow-up interviews were conducted 6 months after assessment on (a) clients who sought additional help (n = 22) and (b) clients who did not seek additional help (n = 28). Results indicated that (a) participating in an assessment and brief intervention was associated with reduced use and consequences and increased confidence in high-risk situations up to 6 months after entry into the program, and (b) clients who participated in additional treatment showed less of a decrease in substance-related consequences. These findings suggest that brief interventions can serve as either a stand-alone intervention for individuals who need short-term assistance or a first-step intervention for those with more specialized or long-term needs.

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