Conversion and Validation of the Teen-Addiction Severity Index (T-ASI) for Internet and Automated-Telephone Self-Report Administration

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This study converted the Teen-Addiction Severity Index (T-ASI) into self-report formats using Internet (Net) and interactive voice response (IVR) automated-telephone technologies. Reliability and convergent validity were assessed among 95 inpatient adolescent participants. Current functioning scores obtained by clinician interview correlated well with self-report Net (mean r =.74, SD =.14) and IVR (mean r =.72, SD =.16). Lifetime history items obtained by clinicians were consistent with self-report Net (mean r =.60, SD =.32; mean κ =.67, SD =.24) and IVR formats (mean r =.60, SD =.30; mean κ =.64, SD =.26). Participants rated “ease of use” as being high for both Net and IVR formats. These findings suggest that automated T-ASI administration is a valid and potentially less expensive alternative to clinician-administered T-ASI interviews.

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