Compelled to Consume: The Implicit Association Test and Automatic Alcohol Motivation

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The Implicit Association Test (IAT; A. G. Greenwald, D. E. McGhee, & J. L. K. Schwartz, 1998) has recently been used to assess the role of alcohol-affect associations in drinking behavior. The current study examined the validity of an alcohol IAT with 88 hazardous-drinking college students who completed measures of drinking behavior, an explicit measure of alcohol motivation, and an IAT that assessed alcohol-motivation associations. Regression analyses indicated that IAT scores correlated with binge drinking and cue reactivity, replicating T. P. Palfai and B. D. Ostafin's (2003) results. Results also indicated convergent validity (the IAT was related to an explicit measure of alcohol motivation) and incremental validity (IAT scores were correlated with alcohol behavior after controlling for the explicit measure). Implications for understanding the self-regulation of drinking are discussed.

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