Unique and Interactive Effects of Depression, Age, Socioeconomic Advantage, and Gender on Cognitive Performance of Normal Healthy Older People
Age Effects in Cued Recall
Aging and Experience in the Recognition of Musical Transpositions
Binding Ties
Perceptions of Life Stress and Chronic Insomnia in Older Adults
Recurrent Syndromal Depression in Caregivers
Activity Restriction Mediates the Association Between Pain and Depressed Affect
Implicit Learning of a Nonverbal Sequence in Younger and Older Adults
Individual Differences in Stimulus Intensity Modulation and Its Relationship to Two Styles of Depression in Older Adults
Representations of Self Across the Life Span
Larger Nondeclarative Than Declarative Deficits in Learning and Memory in Human Aging
Aging, Distraction, and the Benefits of Predictable Location
Genetic Influences on Memory Performance in Adulthood
Role of Family Adaptability in the Psychological Adjustment of Spouse Caregivers to Patients With Dementia
Cognitive Mediation of Adult Age Differences in Language Performance
Relationship of Events and Affect in the Daily Life of an Elderly Population
Everyday Problem Solving in Older Adults
Aging, Source, and Decision Criteria