Investigating the Cultivation of Masculinity and Body Self-Attitudes for Users of Mobile Dating Apps for Men Who Have Sex With Men

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In the present study, cultivation theory was used to investigate the use of mobile dating apps for men who have sex with men and whether usage of such apps would cultivate attitudes by increasing the chronic accessibility of promasculinity and promuscularity constructs for users. Daily, weekly, and lifetime usage was examined in relation to effects on attitudes about men’s own masculinity, femininity, and bodies, as well as feelings of internalized homonegativity. Findings indicated connections between usage and self-perceived masculinity, internalized homonegativity, and body dissatisfaction. Age, relationship status, education level, geographic location, and outness all served as important moderators of the main effects. The results of this research are discussed in light of cultivation theory, and lesbian, gay, and bisexual digital culture and community.

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