Validity of a measure of readiness to recover in Spanish adolescent patients with anorexia nervosa

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The objective of the present study was to evaluate readiness to recover in adolescent patients with anorexia nervosa with a Spanish version of the Anorexia Nervosa Stages of Change Questionnaire (ANSOCQ). Three measures-the ANSOCQ, the Eating Disorders Inventory-2 (EDI-2) and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)-were administered to a group of 70 anorexia nervosa patients (mean age=15.6 yrs) who were receiving treatment at a specialized eating disorder unit and had reached different stages of the treatment programme. The ANSOCQ was administered again after one week in 42 patients to evaluate test-retest reliability. The ANSOCQ demonstrated good internal consistency (Cronbach's α=.94) and one week test-retest reliability (r=.90). Negative, significant correlations were found between the ANSOCQ and several scales on the EDI-2 (r between −.50 and −.72) and the BDI (r=−.68). The Spanish version of the ANSOCQ seems a reliable instrument to evaluate readiness to recover in adolescents with anorexia nervosa.

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