The Second Issue of Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
Who Controls the Training of New Mental Health Professionals?
Do Some APA-Accredited Programs Undermine Training to Serve Clients of Diverse Sexual Orientations?
If You Can't Take the Heat, Stay Out of the Kitchen: A Reflection on Student Beliefs, Multiculturalism, and Client Welfare
Trainer Beliefs, Multiculturalism, and the Common Good
Training Psychologists to Work With Diverse Clients
Psychology Education Can Foster Exploration and Knowledge of Religion, Spirituality, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Diversity
Professional Competencies and Training Related to LGB Populations: Reactions to Hancock's (2014) Paper
Ethical Implications of Complexities in Diversity: Response to Hancock
A Few Wider Angle Perspectives on Hancock (2014)
Does the Minority Stress Model Generalize to a Non-U.S. Sample? An Examination of Minority Stress and Resilience on Depressive Symptomatology Among Sexual Minority Men in Two Urban Areas of Brazil
Sexual Orientation, Psychological Well-Being, and Mental Health: A Longitudinal Analysis From Adolescence to Young Adulthood
Employment, Mental Health, Internalized Stigma, and Coping With Transphobia Among Transgender Individuals
Voices From Beyond: A Thematic Content Analysis of Transgender Employees’ Workplace Experiences
Trans Migrations: Exploring Life at the Intersection of Transgender Identity and Immigration
The Creation and Validation of the LGBT Ally Identity Measure
Teaching the Rainbow: A Guide to Including Gender and Sexual Diversity in School Curriculum and Culture
BOOK REVIEW: Review of The AIDS Generation: Stories of Survival and Resilience