The effects of leadership style and exercise program choreography on enjoyment and intentions to exercise

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Objective:The purpose of the study was to examine the independent (main) and interactive effects of leadership style and exercise program choreography on the enjoyment and future exercise intentions of novice female exercisers.Design:A randomized 2 (leadership style)×2 (exercise choreography) factorial in which a manipulation of leadership style (instructionally and motivationally enriched vs. bland) was crossed with a manipulation of exercise choreography style consisting of either a restricted or a varied set of exercises.Methods:Novice female exercisers (N=75) completed measures of exercise enjoyment and intentions to engage in future step aerobics classes following a 40-minute introductory session of step aerobics.Results:Significant (p<0.05) main effects were detected for leadership style and exercise choreography on enjoyment. Socially enriched leadership and varied choreography were associated with greater enjoyment. There were no main or interaction effects for exercise intention.Conclusions:Results show that social and structural factors impact on positive psychological outcomes in a structured exercise setting. Practitioners are encouraged to use these and previous findings to plan introductory exercise sessions. Future research should look at the impact of leadership style, choreography, and class group dynamics on behavioral manifestations such as adherence.

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