The revised six-factor Sport Motivation Scale (Mallett, Kawabata, Newcombe, Otero-Forero, & Jackson, 2007): Something old, something new, and something borrowed

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Objectives:Mallett, Kawabata, Newcombe, Otero-Forero, and Jackson (2007) questioned the validity of some of the items from the SMS, the construct validity of the three types of intrinsic motivation measured by the SMS, and they proposed an integrated regulation subscale to measure the most self-determined form of extrinsic motivation proposed by SDT. In this article, we focus on the following two questions: “Does the SMS need to be revised?”, and “Is the Revised 6-factor SMS a better scale?”.Conclusion:Our review leads us to the following main conclusions: (a) the SMS has generally demonstrated acceptable validity and reliability in many previous studies, supporting its use; (b) the proposed revised version may also be problematic due to item selection, factor structure, and validity issues as well as problems with the integration scale.

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